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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ed Mcbain, 35 books
Max Brand, 28 books
David León, 24 books
Ed McBain, 21 books
Robert Dugoni, 19 books
Kent Conwell, 19 books
Catherine Ryan Hyde, 15 books
J. S. Scott, 14 books
Roberto Falcó Miramontes, 14 books
J. H. Rhodes, 13 books
Jane McBride Choate, 12 books
Georgette Livingston, 12 books
Melinda Leigh, 12 books
Ana Alcaina, 12 books
Pilar de la Peña Minguell, 12 books
Mark Edwards, 11 books
Carolyn Brown, 11 books
Bobbi Smith, 11 books
Kendra Elliot, 10 books
J. B. Turner, 10 books
Jamie Beck, 10 books
Leslie Charteris, 10 books
Ilsa Mayr, 9 books
Lee Goldberg, 9 books
Shirley Marks, 9 books

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