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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Donald Knuth, 14 books
Robert Sedgewick, 8 books
ACM, 7 books
Dave Shreiner, 7 books
Brad Abrams, 7 books
Watts S. Humphrey, 7 books
Stephen G. Kochan, 7 books
Ivar Jacobson, 6 books
Martin Fowler, 6 books
W. Richard Stevens, 6 books
Chris Sells, 5 books
Kent Beck, 5 books
Marcel Gagné, 5 books
Dean Leffingwell, 5 books
Herb Sutter, 4 books
Erica Sadun, 4 books
Mark G. Sobell, 4 books
Ira Pohl, 4 books
Brad Dayley, 4 books
Adobe Systems Inc., 4 books
MindShare Inc., 4 books
Elfriede Dustin, 4 books
Tom Davis, 4 books
OpenGL Architecture Review Board, 4 books
Kendall Scott, 4 books

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