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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Myra Weatherly, 3 books
Marlon Brando, 3 books
Jane Yolen, 2 books
James L. Nelson, 2 books
Jo Stanley, 2 books
Judy Brown, 2 books
Morgan Llywelyn, 2 books
Sandra Hill, 2 books
Jeremy Whitley, 2 books
Alison DeLaine, 2 books
Anne Osborne, 1 book
Sandra Riley, 1 book
Machray, Robert, 1 book
Gooch, Steve., 1 book
Susan Grace, 1 book
Tammy Hilz, 1 book
Donald Cammell, 1 book
Lisa Jensen, 1 book
Helen O'Clery, 1 book
Andrew J. Offutt, 1 book
Chloe Gartner, 1 book
Edith Patterson Meyer, 1 book
Authors mixed, 1 book
Robert Girardi, 1 book
John Carlova, 1 book


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