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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R. Larry Moyer, 6 books
Ron Rhodes, 5 books
Ray Comfort, 5 books
Nellie Pickard, 4 books
J. Mack Stiles, 3 books
George Sweeting, 3 books
Rosalind Rinker, 3 books
Walter S. Bleecker, 2 books
Sisson, Richard, 2 books
Jo Berry, 2 books
Daniel Thambyrajah Niles, 2 books
Marney Patterson, 2 books
Dan R. Crawford, 2 books
Michael Green, 2 books
Bill Bright, 2 books
Reinhard Bonnke, 2 books
Walt Larimore M.D., 2 books
C. John Miller, 2 books
Anthony Campolo, 2 books
Bill Hybels, 2 books
John Swinton, 2 books
Stephen Sorenson, 2 books
Alejandro Bullon, 2 books
Douglas R. Groothuis, 2 books
O. S. Hawkins, 2 books


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