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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John David Smith, 12 books
Pete Simi, 4 books
Abby L. Ferber, 3 books
Carl Hiaasen, 3 books
Thomas Dixon Jr., 3 books
Chester L. Quarles, 3 books
Nick Ryan, 2 books
George Hawley, 2 books
Jeffrey Kaplan, 2 books
Richard Herman, 2 books
Earlene Fowler, 2 books
Larry Hancock, 2 books
Tom Alibrandi, 2 books
Betty A. Dobratz, 2 books
Wyn Craig Wade, 2 books
W. M. Pierce, 2 books
Robinson, Peter, 2 books
Richard Kelly Hoskins, 2 books
Leonard Zeskind, 2 books
Jessie Daniels, 2 books
Mark S. Hamm, 2 books
John H. Van Evrie, 2 books
Johnny Lee Clary, 2 books
Carol M. Swain, 2 books
Danny W. Davis, 2 books


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