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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Shelby, 3 books
Kathy Reichs, 3 books
Tamara L. Roleff, 2 books
Carol M. Swain, 2 books
Pete Simi, 2 books
Russell Nieli, 1 book
Nick Ryan, 1 book
Robert Wandberg, 1 book
Elaine Landau, 1 book
Ann Heinrichs, 1 book
Ben Sonder, 1 book
Nancy Kress, 1 book
Linda Jacobs Altman, 1 book
Williams, Mary E., 1 book
Katherine Ramsland, 1 book
Arthur Goldwag, 1 book
Debbie Levy, 1 book
Hal Marcovitz, 1 book
Brenda Stalcup, 1 book
Mitchell Young, 1 book
Jennifer Bussey, 1 book
Rose Blue, 1 book
John Bayer, 1 book
Gabriel Weimann, 1 book
Tym Burkey, 1 book


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