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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emily Huws, 26 books
Mary Vaughan Jones, 15 books
Edna Jenkins, 14 books
Anne Brooke, 12 books
Mair Wynn Hughes, 12 books
William Spurrell, 11 books
Mari Tudor, 11 books
Heini Gruffudd, 9 books
William Owen Pughe, 9 books
Lucy Kincaid, 8 books
Joy Cowley, 8 books
Annette Smith, 7 books
Jenny Giles, 7 books
Alun Ifans, 7 books
H. Meurig Evans, 7 books
Gareth King, 7 books
Rhiannon Williams, 7 books
Aeron Rees, 7 books
Dan Lynn James, 6 books
Richard Scarry, 6 books
Elfyn Pritchard, 6 books
Salesbury, William, 5 books
Rhys, John Sir, 5 books
Louise Hodgson, 5 books
Davies, John, 5 books


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