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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sunzi, 10 books
Charles Whiting, 7 books
Charles R. Shrader, 4 books
Ralph D. Sawyer, 4 books
Charles Heyman, 3 books
Rachel Brett, 3 books
Irma Specht, 3 books
William Jackson, 2 books
Ralph Roberts, 2 books
John Chisholm, 2 books
James Adams, 2 books
Lee Jacobs, 2 books
John Goodwin, 2 books
Trevor N. Dupuy, 2 books
Tim Newark, 2 books
William Bowman, 2 books
Sun Pin, 2 books
Steven J. Zaloga, 2 books
H. W. Kaufmann, 2 books
Hunter Breland, 2 books
Spellmount Ltd Publishers, 2 books
Alan Dingle, 2 books
Tom Pollard, 2 books
T. P. Gleave, 2 books
Albert A. Nofi, 2 books


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