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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anna Blundy, 8 books
In-mo Yi, 5 books
D. I. Ortenberg, 5 books
C. E. W. Bean, 4 books
Evelyn Waugh, 4 books
Michael S. Sweeney, 4 books
Curzio Malaparte, 3 books
Howard Tumber, 3 books
Ernest Hemingway, 3 books
Graham Greene, 3 books
Kevin Sites, 3 books
A. J. Liebling, 3 books
Mimmo Cándito, 3 books
Janine Di Giovanni, 3 books
Robert Fisk, 3 books
Douglas W. Bostick, 3 books
Jon E. Lewis, 3 books
Caroline Moorehead, 3 books
B. Galanov, 3 books
Peter Arnett, 3 books
Sir William Howard Russell, 3 books
Oleg Panfilov, 3 books
Mitchel P. Roth, 3 books
Paul L. Moorcraft, 3 books
Peter Wellington Alexander, 3 books


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