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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen Leather, 18 books
Stephen Coonts, 14 books
HelenKay Dimon, 10 books
Suzanne Brockmann, 9 books
William E. Butterworth (W.E.B.) Griffin, 8 books
Robert Ludlum, 7 books
Don Pendleton, 7 books
Debra Webb, 6 books
Olen Steinhauer, 6 books
Dana Marton, 6 books
Alex Berenson, 6 books
Stephen J. Cannell, 6 books
Elle James, 6 books
Charles Cumming, 6 books
Roxanne St. Claire, 6 books
Christy Reece, 6 books
Andrew Rosenheim, 5 books
Judith McNaught, 5 books
Chuck Logan, 5 books
Robert Muchamore, 5 books
Stuart Woods, 5 books
Linda Howard, 5 books
Jack Coughlin, 5 books
Bob Hamer, 5 books
Brian Falkner, 5 books


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