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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jānis Labsvīrs, 4 books
Heino Arumäe, 4 books
V. I︠A︡ Sipols, 4 books
Piotr Łossowski, 4 books
Ādolfs Šilde, 4 books
Uldis G̦ērmanis, 3 books
Anderson, Edgar, 3 books
David James Smith, 3 books
Olaf Kuuli, 3 books
A. Drīzulis, 3 books
Rihards Treijs, 3 books
O. Pūce, 2 books
H. Talvar, 2 books
Deniss Hanovs, 2 books
A. Rudevics, 2 books
Kārlis Vanags, 2 books
Voldemārs Bastjānis, 2 books
Evy Laamann Kalbus, 2 books
Eero Medijainen, 2 books
Uldis Lasmanis, 2 books
Boris Meissner, 2 books
L. Dribins, 2 books
Einar Sanden, 2 books
Eduard Laaman, 2 books
Arnolds Spekke, 2 books


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