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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joel Barlow, 9 books
Timothy Pickering, 6 books
Noble E. Cunningham, 4 books
Thomas Jefferson, 4 books
Bernard Faÿ, 3 books
Adams, John Quincy, 3 books
United States, 3 books
William Cobbett, 3 books
Richard Alsop, 3 books
Thomas Paine, 3 books
James Parton, 3 books
Charles Jared Ingersoll, 3 books
Leonard Dupee White, 2 books
Ray Walters, 2 books
Lowell, John, 2 books
Pierce Welch Gaines, 2 books
Alexander Addison, 2 books
Allan Dwight, 2 books
Charles, Joseph, 2 books
Logan, George, 2 books
Lewis Goldsmith, 2 books
Leland, John, 2 books
Rand McNally, 2 books
U. S. Congress, 2 books
Peter S. Onuf, 2 books


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