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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 23 books
Karl Barth, 22 books
Peter Abelard, 17 books
Friedrich Schleiermacher, 9 books
Eric Metaxas, 9 books
Alister E. McGrath, 9 books
Albert Schweitzer, 6 books
Paul Tillich, 6 books
Armand Mignon, 6 books
Friedrich Wilhelm Graf, 5 books
Samantha Power, 5 books
Alan P. F. Sell, 5 books
P. A. Florenskiĭ, 5 books
Eberhard Bethge, 5 books
Wilhelm Pauck, 4 books
Leonhard Reinisch, 4 books
Franz Overbeck, 4 books
David S. Dockery, 4 books
A. N. S. Lane, 4 books
Andrew Louth, 4 books
Melchior Adam, 4 books
Chae-jun Kim, 4 books
Harald Haury, 4 books
Timothy George, 4 books
Elsa Tamez, 4 books


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