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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edwin Wilson, 12 books
Alvin Goldfarb, 11 books
Oscar G. Brockett, 4 books
Robert J. Ball, 3 books
Norman R. Shapiro, 2 books
Julia T. Wood, 2 books
Victor Séjour, 2 books
Jean Marlow, 2 books
Kurt Ganzl, 2 books
Jackie Bratton, 2 books
Christie Carson, 2 books
Suszn Schultz Huxman, 2 books
Armond Fields, 2 books
Gil Hembree, 2 books
Alan Greenwood, 2 books
V. Lemaire, 2 books
R. Hainaux, 2 books
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, 2 books
Linda Sarver, 2 books
Tom Markus, 2 books
Edith Hall, 1 book
Hal Blaine, 1 book
George Brooks, 1 book
Bruce E. Gronbeck, 1 book
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1 book


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