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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Keuss, 6 books
Lia Sloth, 6 books
Alyson Kieda, 5 books
Patty Hansen, 5 books
Irene Dunlap, 5 books
Katharine Barrett, 5 books
Liz Rothlein, 5 books
Liz Wilmes, 4 books
Cornelius L. Barker, 4 books
Claudette J. Searchwell, 4 books
Cary Sneider, 4 books
Carolyn Willard, 4 books
Dick Wilmes, 4 books
Bruce Malnor, 4 books
Carol Malnor, 4 books
Jeanne Cheyney, 3 books
Arnold Cheyney, 3 books
Terri Christman, 3 books
Folami Prescott, 3 books
Jack A. Hope, 3 books
Barbara J. Reys, 3 books
James Michael Orr, 3 books
Jawanza Kunjufu, 3 books
Martin Lee, 2 books
Donald N. Thurber, 2 books


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