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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
MacDonald, Margaret Read., 17 books
Geoffrey Chaucer, 13 books
Dianne De las Casas, 13 books
Valerie Marsh, 12 books
Anna Fienberg, 12 books
Lucy Coats, 10 books
David M. Boje, 10 books
Shelagh Canning, 9 books
Harold Scheub, 8 books
Martha Hamilton, 8 books
Mal Leicester, 8 books
Eileen H. Colwell, 7 books
Judy Sierra, 7 books
Rob Reid, 7 books
Chris Priestley, 7 books
Margaret Parkin, 7 books
Barbara Fienberg, 7 books
Junʼichi Nomura, 7 books
Margot Sunderland, 6 books
Yossi Alfi, 6 books
Hayashi, Masahiko, 6 books
Dan Yashinsky, 6 books
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, 6 books
Sara Cone Bryant, 6 books
Hezekiah Butterworth, 6 books