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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christopher Bram, 4 books
David Leavitt, 4 books
Lillian Faderman, 4 books
Emma Donoghue, 4 books
Ivan E. Coyote, 3 books
Mark Doty, 3 books
Martin B. Duberman, 3 books
Joan Nestle, 3 books
John Preston, 3 books
Sarah Waters, 3 books
David Levithan, 2 books
Martin Hyatt, 2 books
Kenji Yoshino, 2 books
Ellis Avery, 2 books
Dorothy Allison, 2 books
Sarah Schulman, 2 books
John D'Emilio, 2 books
Jeanette Winterson, 2 books
Alan Hollinghurst, 2 books
William N. Eskridge, 2 books
Jim Grimsley, 2 books
Jonathan Ned Katz, 2 books
Lesléa Newman, 2 books
Audre Lorde, 2 books
Jon Marans, 2 books