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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edmund White, 6 books
Annemarie Schwarzenbach, 4 books
Blanche Wiesen Cook, 3 books
Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, 3 books
Mark Doty, 3 books
Robert Aldrich, 3 books
Alison Bechdel, 3 books
ShinAe Ahn, 2 books
Jennie June, 2 books
Dorothy Allison, 2 books
Rafael Campo, 2 books
Martin B. Duberman, 2 books
Scott O'Hara, 2 books
Dale Peck, 2 books
Diana Souhami, 2 books
Alfred W. Herzog, 2 books
Lesléa Newman, 2 books
Kate Bornstein, 2 books
Andrea Weiss, 2 books
Barrie Jean Borich, 2 books
Jennifer Finney Boylan, 2 books
Lillian Faderman, 2 books
Paul Monette, 2 books
Amy Hoffman, 2 books
H. Montgomery Hyde, 2 books