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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
SAS Institute, 14 books
StataCorp LP, 6 books
Gérald Baillargeon, 4 books
David S. Moore, 4 books
David Freedman, 4 books
SPSS Inc, 4 books
Thomas H. Wonnacott, 3 books
John E. Freund, 3 books
Mark Battersby, 3 books
Jean-Jacques Droesbeke, 3 books
Mario F. Triola, 3 books
Richard P. Runyon, 3 books
Alan Agresti, 3 books
Michel Plaisent, 3 books
Sharon L. Weinberg, 2 books
Jacques Lecaillon, 2 books
Anthony O'Hagan, 2 books
Maurice G. Kendall, 2 books
Alan Stuart, 2 books
Steven Arnold, 2 books
Yadolah Dodge, 2 books
Russell Langley, 2 books
Brian Everitt, 2 books
Ronald P. Cody, 2 books
Helen Mary Walker, 2 books