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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
SPSS Inc, 13 books
MaranGraphics, 7 books
Dan Gookin, 7 books
SAS Institute, 6 books
StataCorp LP, 6 books
M. Purbhoo, 4 books
Grady Booch, 4 books
Faithe Wempen, 4 books
Timothy J. O'Leary, 4 books
Marija Norusis, 4 books
Collectif, 4 books
Ruth Maran, 4 books
Michel Plaisent, 4 books
Joan Lambert, 4 books
Barbara Obermeier, 3 books
Peter Norton, 3 books
Duncan Cramer, 3 books
Glenn Owen, 3 books
Alan Bryman, 3 books
n/a, 3 books
Martin Fowler, 3 books
Pascal Roques, 3 books
M. J. Norušis, 3 books
Béatrice Daburon, 3 books
Steve McConnell, 3 books