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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Howard Dully, 8 books
Charles Fleming, 8 books
Mark Zupan, 2 books
Tim Swanson, 2 books
Jerry Newport, 2 books
Mary Newport, 2 books
Johnny Dodd, 2 books
Marilyn Mehr, 2 books
Judith M. Olson, 2 books
Nancy M. Snell, 2 books
Ronald P., Ph.D. Jensh, 2 books
Ph.D. Ronald P. Jensh, 2 books
Jackie Nink Pflug, 2 books
Bernard Bragg, 1 book
John White, 1 book
John L. White, 1 book
Sandy Purl, 1 book
Thomas H. Walz, 1 book
Donita Dyer, 1 book
David R. Brown, 1 book
Raquel E. Gur, 1 book
Elena Dorfman, 1 book
Nicholas J. Besker, 1 book
Anne Ford, 1 book
Ruby Scott, 1 book


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