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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Smith, 16 books
CancerBACUP, 4 books
Fiona Marshall, 4 books
June Biermann, 3 books
Dava Sobel, 3 books
Hasnain Walji, 3 books
Rosy Daniel, 3 books
Robert Buckman, 3 books
Anthony E. Lang, 3 books
Lisa M. Shulman, 3 books
Barbara Toohey, 3 books
Andrea Kingston, 3 books
Arthur C. Klein, 3 books
William J. Weiner, 3 books
Dale Alexander, 2 books
Mark Levy, 2 books
Pamela Crawford, 2 books
Jeffrey C. May, 2 books
Jennifer Johnson, 2 books
Azmina Govindji, 2 books
Basant K. Puri, 2 books
Monica Ramirez Basco, 2 books
Richard English, 2 books
Nancy L. Mace, 2 books
Dennis C. Daley, 2 books


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