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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gary B. Mesibov, 11 books
Eric Schopler, 10 books
Harris, Sandra L., 6 books
Debra Leach, 6 books
Paula Kluth, 5 books
Mary Jane Weiss, 5 books
Clare Lawrence, 5 books
Keiko Tobe, 5 books
Brenda Smith Myles, 5 books
Josefa Ben-Arieh, 4 books
Fernand Deligny, 4 books
Sue Miller, 4 books
Richard L. Simpson, 4 books
Lynn Plimley, 4 books
Kathy Labosh, 4 books
Ellen Notbohm, 4 books
Simpson, Richard L., 4 books
Rita Jordan, 4 books
Sally Kirk, 4 books
Jed Baker, 4 books
Temple Grandin, 4 books
Barbara Furneaux, 3 books
Steven E. Gutstein, 3 books
William Stillman, 3 books
Dion E. Betts, 3 books


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