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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Various, 61 books
Editores, 57 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 34 books
Federico García Lorca, 24 books
Ruth Maran, 20 books
Ana C. Jarvis, 16 books
Magdalena Andrade, 15 books
Jeanne Egasse, 15 books
Bill VanPatten, 15 books
Raquel Lebredo, 14 books
Rebecca Kingsley, 14 books
Tracy D. Terrell, 14 books
Marty Knorre, 13 books
James F. Lee, 13 books
Lolo Rico, 13 books
Ana Maria Perez-Girones, 12 books
Mariano Gonzalez Ramirez, 12 books
Cruz Blanco, 12 books
Thalia Dorwick, 11 books
Inc. Berlitz International, 11 books
Irla Zimmerman, 11 books
Violette Steiner, 11 books
Roberta Pond, 11 books
Thomas Cleary, 10 books
Maria Angeles Alvarez Martinez, 10 books


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