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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nathaniel Branden, 18 books
Robert S. McGee, 12 books
Abraham J. Twerski, 9 books
Jack Canfield, 9 books
Melanie Fennell, 8 books
Max Lucado, 7 books
Tina Rae, 7 books
Barbara Esham, 7 books
Deborah Plummer, 7 books
Walter Riso, 6 books
Robert Harold Schuller, 6 books
Frank Siccone, 6 books
Patricia Cleghorn, 6 books
Matthew McKay, 6 books
James Battle, 6 books
Anita Naik, 5 books
Sarah Dessen, 5 books
Alice Miller, 5 books
Gary Smalley, 5 books
Lynda Field, 5 books
Josh McDowell, 5 books
Gael Lindenfield, 5 books
Todd Parr, 5 books
Sharon G. Flake, 5 books
Matthew McKay, 5 books


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