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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jake Maddox, 19 books
Rich Wallace, 8 books
Joyce Meyer, 8 books
Elizabeth Koda-Callan, 7 books
Fred Bowen, 7 books
David Lubar, 7 books
Joel Osteen, 7 books
Rob Yeung, 6 books
Ros Taylor, 6 books
Mike Lupica, 6 books
Guido van Genechten, 5 books
Melissa J. Morgan, 5 books
Jodi Lynn Anderson, 5 books
Philippa Davies, 5 books
Jorge Bucay, 5 books
Lenore Look, 5 books
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 5 books
Kevin Markey, 5 books
Matt Christopher, 5 books
Barbara Ehrenreich, 5 books
Joyce Meyer, 5 books
Margaret Gurevich, 5 books
Cathy Hopkins, 4 books
Julia DeVillers, 4 books
Kelly Easton, 4 books


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