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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brion, Marcel, 5 books
Raymond Cogniat, 3 books
Quennell, Peter, 3 books
Réau, Louis, 3 books
Frederick Antal, 3 books
Karl Ude, 3 books
Norbert Wolf, 3 books
Wieland Schmied, 3 books
Vaughan, William, 3 books
Karl Kroeber, 3 books
Alfredo De Paz, 3 books
Kasper Monrad, 3 books
Caspar David Friedrich, 3 books
Pontus Grate, 3 books
David Blayney Brown, 3 books
Hofmann, Werner, 3 books
Michel Le Bris, 3 books
Javier Arnaldo, 3 books
Louis-Antoine Prat, 3 books
Peter Betthausen, 2 books
Richard Benz, 2 books
Jean Clay, 2 books
Fernando Mazzocca, 2 books
Pierre Courthion, 2 books
Charles Baudelaire, 2 books


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