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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leanne Burroughs, 4 books
Deborah MacGillivray, 4 books
Su Kopil, 3 books
Carmen Green, 2 books
Cassandra Collins, 2 books
Susan D. Brooks, 2 books
B. J. McCall, 2 books
Kristi Ahlers, 2 books
Diane Davis White, 2 books
Carolee Joy, 2 books
Tami D. Cowden, 2 books
Betsy Norman, 2 books
Sue Rich, 1 book
Francine Craft, 1 book
Susan Krinard, 1 book
Sheri McGregor, 1 book
Deborah Shelley, 1 book
Maggie Shayne, 1 book
Tracy Sumner, 1 book
Alexis Harrington, 1 book
Caroline Burnes, 1 book
Jennifer Drew, 1 book
Amanda Stevens, 1 book
Gayle Wilson, 1 book
Rebecca York, 1 book


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