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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elbert Hubbard, 616 books
Random House, 207 books
None, 126 books
Universe Publishing, 119 books
Abrams, 101 books
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 98 books
J. S. M. Ward, 81 books
Yoshiko Yamamoto, 81 books
Ralph Waldo Trine, 78 books
Chronicle Books Staff, 73 books
Random House Key Notes Series, 66 books
Kersey Graves, 58 books
Chronicle Books, 57 books
Sandy Lynam Clough, 56 books
Bruce Smith, 56 books
Lloyd Kenyon Jones, 50 books
Inc. Staff Scholastic, 47 books
Scholastic Inc., 46 books
E. Locken, 44 books
Charles William Heckethorn, 40 books
American Automobile Association, 39 books
Frank Homer Curtiss, 39 books
Cathy Beylon, 39 books
I. Edward Clark, 37 books
Thomas William Doane, 36 books


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