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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wilhelm von Bode, 7 books
Pope-Hennessy, John Wyndham Sir, 6 books
Donatello, 4 books
Weise, Georg, 4 books
Joachim Poeschke, 4 books
Harald Busch, 3 books
Vitry, Paul, 3 books
Anne Markham Schulz, 3 books
Pedro Dias, 3 books
John Pope-Hennessy, 3 books
Cristiano Giometti, 3 books
Theodor Müller, 3 books
Clara Gelao, 3 books
Charles Avery, 3 books
Patrick Corbet, 2 books
Sarah Blake Wilk, 2 books
Leader Scott, 2 books
Planiscig, Leo, 2 books
Schubring, Paul, 2 books
Planiscig, Leo, 2 books
E. F. Bange, 2 books
Helena Kozakiewiczowa, 2 books
Timothy Verdon, 2 books
Bernard Ceysson, 2 books
Bertha Harris Wiles, 2 books


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