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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aldon Lynn Nielsen, 3 books
Luis Miletti, 3 books
Ayanna Thompson, 3 books
Kevin Hutchings, 2 books
Carlyle Van Thompson, 2 books
Carolyn Sorisio, 2 books
Julia M. Wright, 2 books
Lehman, Paul R., 2 books
Donna Bailey Nurse, 2 books
Inés María Martiatu, 2 books
Henry Louis Gates, 2 books
Mary F. Brewer, 2 books
Greg Forter, 2 books
Len Platt, 2 books
Jana Evans Braziel, 2 books
Werner Sollors, 2 books
Brannon Costello, 2 books
Laura Doyle, 2 books
Joseph R. Urgo, 2 books
Julian Vigo, 2 books
Sandra K. Soto, 2 books
Michele Elam, 2 books
Isiah Lavender, 2 books
Dean McWilliams, 1 book
Anna Maria Chupa, 1 book


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