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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lauren Weisberger, 17 books
Pierre-Joseph Buc'hoz, 10 books
Susan M. Tierney, 9 books
Alice Pope, 9 books
Franc ʹois Buisson, 9 books
Dan Poynter, 8 books
Robert Lee Brewer, 8 books
Chong-guk Yi, 8 books
Sally E. Stuart, 7 books
American Tract Society, 6 books
Charles Joseph Panckoucke, 6 books
Harris, Michael, 5 books
Sheryl J. Anderson, 5 books
Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, 5 books
n/a, 5 books
K. Staikos, 5 books
Jean François Gilmont, 5 books
Harry B. Weiss, 4 books
Sammye Johnson, 4 books
Cheryl Woodard, 4 books
Marian Keyes, 4 books
Huth, Edward J., 4 books
Walt Crawford, 4 books
Jeff Herman, 4 books
Marni McNiff, 4 books


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