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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Byrnes, 10 books
Lee, Robert G., 9 books
Robert G. Lee, 8 books
Peter Wallington, 7 books
George Edwards, 7 books
William Fong, 7 books
North Carolina, 7 books
Allan-Randolph Brewer Carías, 7 books
Georgia, 6 books
Paolo Barile, 6 books
Jerry L. Mashaw, 6 books
Claude Mey, 6 books
Hans-Georg Wehling, 5 books
Poland., 5 books
Michael Stolleis, 5 books
Russia (Federation), 5 books
Adam Tomkins, 5 books
California., 5 books
Katz, Alfred Dr., 4 books
Giuseppe Biscottini, 4 books
Elliott, David W., 4 books
Pakistan., 4 books
Walter Frenz, 4 books
Richard A. Merrill, 4 books
Hermann Bausinger, 4 books


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