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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sigmund Freud, 27 books
Thomas Freeman, 5 books
Henri Grivois, 3 books
Prosper Despine, 3 books
Elaine Chaika, 3 books
Salomon Resnik, 2 books
Alphonse de Waelhens, 2 books
Bernhard Pauleikhoff, 2 books
Andrew Crowcroft, 2 books
David Shapiro, 2 books
Lacan, Jacques, 2 books
Jane Edwards, 2 books
S. M. Stahl, 2 books
Jacy Arditi-Alazraki, 2 books
Francis Skae, 2 books
Frédéric Guyot, 2 books
Jim Geekie, 2 books
Juan Miguel Soto Sedek, 2 books
Anthony P. Morrison, 2 books
James Fadiman, 2 books
Gisela Pankow, 2 books
Henry L. Lennard, 1 book
Edward M. Podvoll, 1 book
Marcel Czermak, 1 book
Sami Ali, 1 book


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