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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vietnam., 10 books
Brazil, 9 books
Turkey., 7 books
Leonard D. DuBoff, 7 books
France. Conseil d'Etat, 7 books
France, 7 books
Joseph J. Hemmer, 6 books
Sally Jacobsen, 6 books
Russia (Federation), 6 books
Paul Siegel, 6 books
David Minthorn, 6 books
W. Wat Hopkins, 6 books
Italy, 5 books
Iran, 5 books
Darrell Christian, 5 books
Hinca I. P. Pandjaitan, 4 books
Freitas Nobre, 4 books
Robert H. Phelps, 4 books
Associated Press, 4 books
Honoré-Gabriel de Riquetti comte de Mirabeau, 4 books
Spain., 4 books
Anita Miller, 4 books
Robert Trager, 4 books
Norm Goldstein, 4 books
Alberto Arons de Carvalho, 4 books