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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elliott Roosevelt, 33 books
Joanne Mattern, 32 books
Eleanor Roosevelt, 16 books
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 16 books
Robert P. Watson, 13 books
Joan Stoltman, 13 books
Jennifer Strand, 12 books
Ruth Ashby, 10 books
Christopher P. Andersen, 9 books
Yingtai Dou, 9 books
Jill C. Wheeler, 8 books
Lucia Raatma, 8 books
Danielle Mitterrand, 8 books
Cass R. Sandak, 8 books
Klein, Edward, 7 books
Betty Boyd Caroli, 7 books
Bill Adler Sr, 7 books
Betty Ford, 6 books
Irving Stone, 6 books
Jeff Gerth, 6 books
Tanya Larkin, 6 books
Abigail Adams, 6 books
Carl Sferrazza Anthony, 6 books
Laura Welch Bush, 6 books
Jing Tong, 6 books


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