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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Erin Edison, 10 books
Glennon Doyle Melton, 9 books
Jon M. Fishman, 7 books
Joan Stoltman, 7 books
Sue Macy, 6 books
Lucia Raatma, 6 books
Katherine E. Krohn, 6 books
Cokie Roberts, 6 books
Jeff Bane, 6 books
Isabella L. Bird, 5 books
Julie Powell, 5 books
Valerie Bodden, 5 books
Wil Mara, 5 books
Lori Mortensen, 5 books
Virginia Loh-Hagan, 5 books
Jane Sutcliffe, 4 books
Laura Hamilton Waxman, 4 books
Brenda Haugen, 4 books
Kayla Williams, 4 books
Kathleen Krull, 4 books
Dani Shapiro, 4 books
Gwenyth Swain, 4 books
David Armentrout, 4 books
Gail Saunders-Smith, 4 books
Gayle Corbett Shirley, 4 books


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