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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Hall, 8 books
Mary Karr, 8 books
William Butler Yeats, 7 books
Walt Whitman, 7 books
Siegfried Sassoon, 7 books
Michael Schumacher, 6 books
Allen Ginsberg, 6 books
Arnold Rampersad, 6 books
Kathleen Raine, 5 books
Elaine Feinstein, 5 books
Lyndall Gordon, 5 books
Charles Bukowski, 5 books
Andrew Motion, 5 books
A. David Moody, 5 books
Europa Europa Publications, 5 books
Charles Brasch, 4 books
Alan Llwyd, 4 books
Mark Doty, 4 books
Jean Moorcroft Wilson, 4 books
Jonathan Bate, 4 books
Jon Stallworthy, 4 books
William Kloefkorn, 4 books
Michael Schmidt, 4 books
Leiris, Michel, 4 books
Hamilton, Ian, 4 books