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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paulo Coelho, 13 books
Richard Francis Burton, 10 books
John Eade, 8 books
Camille Daux, 6 books
Simon Coleman, 6 books
Jusserand, J. J., 5 books
Rudolf Kriss, 5 books
Surinder Mohan Bhardwaj, 5 books
John Brierley, 5 books
Kevin Griffin, 5 books
A. L. O. E., 5 books
Egeria, 5 books
Razaq Raj, 5 books
H. V. Morton, 5 books
John Eade, 4 books
Shengyan, 4 books
John Bunyan, 4 books
R. M. French, 4 books
Neil J. Smelser, 4 books
Anatole Le Braz, 4 books
Klaus Herbers, 4 books
Diana Webb, 4 books
Antón M. Pazos, 4 books
Simon Coleman, 4 books
Lori Erickson, 4 books