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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
G. Soulié de Morant, 2 books
Eleanor Cooney, 2 books
Hong, Sheng, 1 book
Li, Tang., 1 book
Hope Danby, 1 book
Sima Guang, 1 book
Yinyi Wu, 1 book
Yunlin Zuo, 1 book
Shoucheng Yan, 1 book
Nianlong He, 1 book
Tingyu Wu, 1 book
Lüzhi Lin, 1 book
Tingzhu Tian, 1 book
Man Meng, 1 book
Jianmin Zhao, 1 book
Liu, Hong., 1 book
Renyu Wang, 1 book
Wenrui Liu, 1 book
Hongzhi Wang, 1 book
Jialin Hong, 1 book
Haiyan Qi, 1 book


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