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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Otto von Bismarck, 29 books
Moritz Busch, 18 books
Emil Ludwig, 10 books
Hans Blum, 9 books
Erich Eyck, 9 books
Erich Marcks, 8 books
Wilhelm Mommsen, 7 books
Medlicott, W. N., 7 books
Hans Rothfels, 6 books
Theodore S. Hamerow, 6 books
Reiners, Ludwig, 5 books
Schüssler, Wilhelm, 5 books
Poschinger, Heinrich Ritter von, 5 books
A. J. P. Taylor, 5 books
Hans Delbrück, 4 books
Valentin, Veit, 4 books
Gordon Alexander Craig, 4 books
Louis Leo Snyder, 4 books
Julian Klaczko, 4 books
A. S. Erusalimskiĭ, 4 books
Erich Eyck, 4 books
Lothar Gall, 4 books
Michael Stürmer, 4 books
Andreas Hillgruber, 4 books
Otto Pflanze, 3 books


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