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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Germany, 38 books
Franz Kurowski, 28 books
James Sidney Lucas, 20 books
Bundesarchiv (Germany), 19 books
Horst Scheibert, 15 books
Ian Baxter, 14 books
Gordon Williamson, 14 books
Samuel W. Mitcham, 13 books
Darwin Porter, 12 books
Bruce Quarrie, 12 books
Karl Demeter, 11 books
Kenneth John Macksey, 11 books
Haupt, Werner, 11 books
John Weal, 11 books
Price, Alfred., 10 books
Danforth Prince, 10 books
Jochen Prien, 10 books
Uwe Feist, 10 books
Joachim Dressel, 9 books
Mairs Geographischer Verlag, 9 books
Charles Whiting, 9 books
Walter J. Spielberger, 9 books
Lawrence Paterson, 8 books
Joachim Engelmann, 8 books
Bryan Philpott, 8 books


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