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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bryan Philpott, 13 books
Price, Alfred., 12 books
Karl Ries, 8 books
Chris Goss, 7 books
John Weal, 7 books
Franz Kurowski, 7 books
Werner Held, 6 books
Joachim Dressel, 5 books
Hermann Adler, 5 books
Raymond F. Toliver, 5 books
Mike Spick, 5 books
Williamson Murray, 5 books
Alfred Price, 5 books
J. Richard Smith, 5 books
Kenneth A. Merrick, 5 books
Peter M. Grosz, 5 books
David Donald, 4 books
Adolf Galland, 4 books
Martin Pegg, 4 books
Hermann Plocher, 4 books
Uwe Feist, 4 books
Karl Koller, 4 books
Bob Carruthers, 3 books
Nicolaus von Below, 3 books
Suchenwirth, Richard, 3 books


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