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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Otakar Šourek, 13 books
Jarmil Burghauser, 7 books
Šourek, Otakar, 6 books
Josef Škvorecký, 5 books
Gervase Hughes, 4 books
John Clapham, 4 books
Alec Robertson, 3 books
Clapham, John., 3 books
Igorʹ Bėlza, 2 books
Paul Stefan, 2 books
Kurt Honolka, 2 books
Claire Lee Purdy, 2 books
Paul Stefan-Gruenfeldt, 2 books
Jiří Berkovec, 2 books
Otakar Sourek, 2 books
Otakar S ourek, 2 books
Susanne Dammann, 2 books
Young, Percy M., 2 books
Leonard Bernstein, 2 books
Robert Layton, 2 books
Antonín Čubr, 1 book
Václav Holzknecht, 1 book
Wiese, Walter, 1 book
Wilhelm Altmann, 1 book
Ian T. Trufitt, 1 book


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