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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alain-Fournier, 7 books
Gibson, Robert, 4 books
Léon Cellier, 3 books
Isabelle Rivière, 3 books
Marie Maclean, 3 books
Isabelle Rivière, 2 books
Charles Péguy, 2 books
Pierre Suire, 2 books
Jean Marie Delettrez, 2 books
Antoine Sonet, 2 books
Claude Herzfeld, 2 books
Yves Rey-Herme, 2 books
Michel Suffran, 2 books
Rivière, Jacques, 2 books
A. Denizot, 2 books
Walter Jöhr, 2 books
Jean Bastaire, 2 books
Walter Jöhr, 2 books
Jean Loize, 2 books
David Arkell, 1 book
Robert Duterme, 1 book
Charlotte-Elise Des Laumes, 1 book
Henri Gillet, 1 book
Émile Rideau, 1 book
Aimé Becker, 1 book


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