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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Andrews, 3 books
David Huelin, 3 books
Philip Opher, 2 books
Webb, M., 2 books
Laurence Waters, 2 books
Malcolm Graham, 2 books
Julian Comrie, 2 books
Alistair Barclay, 2 books
Philip Atkins, 2 books
A. Spicer, 2 books
Michael Johnson, 2 books
A. Smith, 2 books
Malcolm Graham, 2 books
Trevor Williams, 1 book
Reginald Lane Poole, 1 book
Nigel Hammond, 1 book
Nick Channer, 1 book
Alan Hardy, 1 book
Peter A. Newton, 1 book
Janet Barber, 1 book
Anthony John Patrick Kenny, 1 book
Philip James, 1 book
David Wilkinson, 1 book
Tim Allen, 1 book
John Hanson, 1 book


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