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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
César Franck, 14 books
Johann Sebastian Bach, 12 books
William Albright, 9 books
Alexandre Guilmant, 8 books
Girolamo Frescobaldi, 7 books
Hermann J. Busch, 6 books
Flor Peeters, 6 books
Healey Willan, 6 books
Joseph Bonnet, 6 books
Messiaen, Olivier, 6 books
Willi Apel, 5 books
Norbert Dufourcq, 5 books
Guillou, Jean, 5 books
Daniel Pinkham, 5 books
Franz Liszt, 5 books
Antony Garlick, 5 books
Marcel Dupré, 4 books
Albert Schweitzer, 4 books
Max Reger, 4 books
Herbert Howells, 4 books
Frank Bridge, 4 books
Andrea Gabrieli, 4 books
Rollin Smith, 4 books
William Bolcom, 4 books
George Frideric Handel, 4 books


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