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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Handler, 2 books
Stuart A. Kallen, 2 books
Caleb Alexander, 2 books
Jim Corrigan, 1 book
Paul Grainge, 1 book
Marc Oxoby, 1 book
Smita Avasthi, 1 book
Phillip E. Wegner, 1 book
Nigel Gearing, 1 book
Kurt Vonnegut, 1 book
Michel de Nostredame, 1 book
Bryan Charles, 1 book
John Robb, 1 book
Adam Woog, 1 book
Felicia Lowenstein Niven, 1 book
Stephen Feinstein, 1 book
Willkie F., 1 book
G. Basin, 1 book
George Ochoa, 1 book
Richard Alan Schwartz, 1 book
G. G. Bovt, 1 book
John Ralston Saul, 1 book
Declan Lynch, 1 book
Ian Penman, 1 book
Adriano Sofri, 1 book


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