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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Schneider, Hermann, 3 books
Weber, Gottfried, 3 books
Karl Bartsch, 3 books
D. G. Mowatt, 3 books
Otfrid Ehrismann, 3 books
Hermann von Fischer, 3 books
Joachim Heinzle, 3 books
Helmut Brackert, 3 books
Ursula Schulze, 2 books
Hermann Paul, 2 books
Helmut Berndt, 2 books
Friedrich Wilhelm Panzer, 2 books
Franz Saran, 2 books
Franz Joseph Mone, 2 books
Theodor Abeling, 2 books
Werner A. Mueller, 2 books
Ernest Tonnelat, 2 books
Josef Körner, 2 books
Heinrich Fischer, 2 books
Werner Schröder, 2 books
Léon Polak, 2 books
August Raszmann, 2 books
Joseph Strobl, 2 books
Paul Pressel, 2 books
Walter Seitter, 2 books


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