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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Bharat Cornell, 6 books
Jim Arnosky, 6 books
Project WILD, 6 books
Phyllis S. Busch, 6 books
Jeff Corwin, 5 books
Stewart Cowley, 5 books
Anna Botsford Comstock, 4 books
Cheryl L. Charles, 4 books
Clare Walker Leslie, 4 books
Michael J. Caduto, 4 books
Sonya Shafer, 4 books
John Astrop, 4 books
Webster, David, 3 books
Richard Headstrom, 3 books
Robert Mudie, 3 books
Christine Back, 3 books
Elizabeth P. Lawlor, 3 books
Patrick McDonnell, 3 books
Watts, Francis., 3 books
Angela Wilkes, 3 books
John Dearness, 3 books
David Burnie, 3 books
Pamela Hickman, 3 books
Gerald Malcolm Durrell, 3 books
Al Spoo, 3 books


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